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Throughout Rhode Island, blue collar jobs (such as those involving construction, oil and gas mining, manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing) present clear dangers of physical injuries. However, even seemingly safe work conditions can lead to harmful workplace accidents, repetitive stress injuries, overexertion injuries, and even occupational illnesses.

Rhode Island law recognizes that every job poses certain dangers. That’s precisely why nearly every employer in the state is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. That way, when you get hurt at work (or because of your work), you have a chance of receiving payment to help you cover the costs of recovery, time missed from work, and related expenses.

Should I File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

While some areas of law are complex and confusing, the answer to this question is very straightforward: you should file a workers’ compensation claim immediately if any of the following statements are true:

  • You were injured at work.
  • You have discovered a medical condition that you suspect was caused by your work.
  • You have been diagnosed with an illness that you believe was caused by your work environment.

Not to worry — you don’t have to figure this out on your own! If you’re overwhelmed by the legal process or simply want to talk through your options with an experienced lawyer, I’m just a phone call away.

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What Kinds of Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

When you hear the term “work injury,” it’s easy for your mind to jump straight to sprained ankles and thrown-out backs. In reality, though, Rhode Island’s workers’ compensation laws cover a lot more than just immediate physical injuries. To give you an idea of what qualifies, consider the following types of injuries and illnesses:

Injuries Caused By Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery and dangerous work equipment frequently lead to burns, sprains, torn ligaments, broken bones, loss of limb, concussions, brain injuries, and more. All of these can be covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

As their name suggests, repetitive stress injuries are caused by the repetition of a certain movement. For instance, if you spend all day every day rotating your wrist a certain way for work, your wrist may start to hurt more and more even when you’re not working. This kind of ongoing pain is a classic symptom of a repetitive stress injury.

The best way to prevent a repetitive stress injury is to take breaks regularly and switch up the motions you use at work. Still, if you are experiencing a condition like bursitis, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome, you should see a doctor and notify your employer.

Occupational Illnesses

Some workplace dangers aren’t immediately obvious. In fact, many don’t reveal themselves until years later. For instance, workers who unknowingly inhale dangerous chemicals, toxins, or even natural elements can later develop certain cancers, illnesses, and diseases. Even conditions like heart attacks and psychological breakdowns can be linked to the workplace.

If you’ve developed such a condition, please don’t wait to speak up. By saying something, you could get the payment you need to cover your expenses, and you just might save the next worker from going through the same thing.

Rhode Island Work Injury Attorney

No matter what kind of injury or illness you’ve had to endure, filing for workers’ compensation could mean the difference between getting paid for your trouble and having to cover your own medical bills. As an attorney with decades of experience in this area of law, I encourage you to give me a call so I can help you get the compensation you need. Reach out now for a free consultation.