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When a loved one enters a nursing home, you expect him or her to be safe and well cared for. Unfortunately, many nursing homes are short of nurses and other staff, which compromises the well-being of your parent or grandparent. This shortage of nursing home staff can result in patient neglect, injury or even wrongful death.

At the Law Office of Stephen G. Linder, we use our experience and knowledge of elder law to get medical records and promptly file nursing home abuse claims. Nursing homes receiving Medicare and Medicaid benefits are covered under federal law. We collect hospital records and other complaint records from the state and federal governments. We then review these records with nurses and physicians so that your claim is correctly processed.

If you suspect your loved one is receiving improper care, please contact our nursing home abuse lawyers today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

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An example of a nursing home abuse case involves a man who had a tendency to slip and fall. While this was noted on his chart, the staff did not watch the patient carefully. On one occasion, the man fell, and this ultimately resulted in his death.

Nursing home abuse, such as neglect, chemical restraint, and physical restraint can result in a variety of injuries and discomfort including bed sores and dehydration. Too often these injuries go unnoticed by nurses and other staff. Your presence can make a big difference. Nursing home patients whose family members visit frequently receive better care.

If you notice an injury or discomfort of a loved one in the nursing home, please contact our office in Providence, Rhode Island. Our caring attorneys are committed to getting the compensation you deserve for your loved one's abuse. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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