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At the Law Office of Stephen G. Linder, we know that divorce can be emotionally turbulent but it's essential at this time that you make well-reasoned decisions that will ultimately protect your family and your finances. A skillful and experienced Rhode Island divorce lawyer can provide the guidance you need to achieve a positive outcome.

For more than 30 years, attorney Stephen Linder has worked to achieve divorce settlement agreements that are fair to his client and that the courts can approve. No case is too complex; no estate too complicated. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Linder, call (401) 521-6800 or contact our Providence law office online.

Property Division for Complex Estates

Whether you anticipate an easy and amicable divorce settlement or a bitter court battle, Mr. Linder is a strong and effective advocate to protect your interests in negotiation and in court. He will not allow your spouse to take unfair advantage of you. Learn more about how he can assist you with:

  • Marital property division and spousal support are considered together in Rhode Island family courts. If one party was at fault in causing the divorce, the division of marital assets (which is usually fairly equal) could be revised upward or downward.

  • Clients with complex assets, such as executive pay packages, valuable property, real estate or inheritances, will benefit from the extensive and varied experience attorney Linder has gathered over the years.

  • Attorney Linder has handled many divorce cases involving the division of assets relating to a business, including family-owned businesses, franchises, and business partnerships.

Child Custody and Child Support in Rhode Island

Helping parents arrive at a workable parenting plan is a key part of any child custody and visitation agreement. While child support is prescribed by Rhode Island child support guidelines, there may be additional child-related expenses that parents will want to define, such as who pays for college. And clients with significant assets will also want to consider protecting their child's ability to inherit. Learn more about:

We see many people at our office who just want to be prepared. They come in looking for information so they can begin to make decisions. Mr. Linder will be happy to talk with you about Rhode Island divorce and family law. When you are ready to move forward, we hope you will choose our firm to handle your case. We will treat you with dignity, kindness, and respect.

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