Child Visitation Interference Lawyer in Rhode Island

Child Custody Interference 

Is your ex-spouse denying you visitation? Do dance lessons, birthday parties and other activities take away from your parenting time? Does your child refuse to spend time with you because of lies and battering comments made by your ex-spouse?

Child custody battles are emotionally tiring. When you and your ex-spouse finally settle an agreement the last thing you want is to fight more in court because of inadequate visitation.

At the Law Office of Stephen G. Linder in Providence, Rhode Island, we care about our clients and strive to protect their rights as parents. We help ensure that you receive the parenting time originally agreed to. Please contact our firm if you feel your ex-spouse is limiting your custody and visitation time. Your initial consultation is free.

Interference is Contempt of Court

Child custody interference comes in many forms. A parent may hinder children's trust in their other parent by making negative comments about him or her. A parent with custody may deny visitation to the other, attempting to get more child support.

Children are not pawns; they should not be used to hurt an ex-spouse. Our divorce and family law attorneys have a combined 40 years of trial experience and are not afraid to bring cases to court. If a judge believes your spouse is hindering the original parenting plan, they may be held in contempt of court.

If your children were influenced by negative comments and no longer want to visit you, we recommend counseling so that they understand the negative content is inappropriate. We may also recommend counseling for the parents, as needed.

Our firm helps clients throughout Rhode Island reduce child custody and visitation interference. Please contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your family law case.

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